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    What is your best age ever? Has it already happened, going on now, or about to happen? Relish the freedoms life offers in the middle: more time, more money, and an opportunity to put ourselves back on the list of our lives. Take time to make our lives a priority because you cannot give to others what you do not already have.

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    Take a Break and Create Your Next Adventure

    By Jennifer Blair

    Nela & Boris at Lighthouse Point complex - Collingwood, Ontario (August 2nd, 2008)When is the last time you really got away? Where have you been lately that has allowed you to mentally leave your work behind, enjoy time off, relax, create a new memory and really do what you want? With summer in full swing and life’s pace a bit slower, I am thinking about downtime, vacations, and escaping, and what it means to fully take a break. What purpose does time off from the mundane serve and do you really know how to get away?

    There is no doubt that taking breaks can nurture the body, mind and soul. Our society supports time off in many different forms such as coffee breaks, weekend getaways, the traditional 2-3 weeks of vacation time and sabbaticals. People have become especially good at getting out of the daily and weekly grind by engaging in activities that fill-up their tanks. Meditating, working out, reading books, being outside, daydreaming, seeing movies, socializing, lunching and dinnering, being alone, having technology-free or spa days, taking bubble baths, going on short getaways but even these respites can become part of the busyness.

    So, I wonder if these smaller activities are enough to truly be sustainable? Are you taking the longer breaks that provide joy, fun, adventure and learning? When it comes to long-term health and happiness, are you balancing the leisure interests, hobbies and grounding tools with the full on present peak experiences and adventures that produce greater fulfillment? Are you stopping long enough to reflect on life’s comings and goings, or simply adding a vacation to the already too long “to do” list? Here are some good enough reasons to halt.

    With the Busyness of Life, Why Stop and Take a Break?

    To getaway from the mundane and routine
    To create self awareness by noticing who you have become
    To find new inspiration and creativity
    To be fully present
    To see beauty in your surroundings and situation
    To remember why you made the choices that you did
    To avoid burnout
    To check-in and see if yesterday’s goals still fit tomorrow’s dreams
    To connect with the people you treasure
    To tap into your intuition
    To generate a new vision and action plan
    To have fun
    To learn something new
    To rejuvenate, relax and breathe a little easier
    To get clear about life transitions and determine the next best steps
    To re-prioritize and change direction, if needed
    To create a more colorful archive of your life
    To come back to yourself

    From spiritual practices to carnal pleasures, I have learned that the everyday habits and positive endeavors support us in creating balance, connection, productivity and grounding. The short retreats, whether they are healthy diversions or dreamy experiences, give us a sense of freedom, re-charging and fun. And, the bigger adventures assist us in reaching our pinnacle. Decide what you want to do daily, weekly, monthly and annually. Replace “someday” with today, and start planning an aspiring adventure of a lifetime. Here is a coaching exercise to get you started.

    Coaching Process to a Create Your Next Life Experience:

    1. Make a list of things you need a break from.
    2. Brainstorm a list of the experiences you would like to have.
    2. Decide how much time (an hour, a day, a week or longer), money (Zero, $100, $1000 or more) and energy you need for each one?
    3. Choose your 1st, 2nd and 3rd priorities; and then generate an action item for each of those.
    4. Next, craft a stretch goal… what is your new big escape, getaway activity, dream vacation or immersion that you long for?
    5. Now, take the next step in making your vision a reality.

    Life Coach Jennifer Blair is founder of Excavive Coaching & Consulting in Louisville, KY. Her work focuses on empowering individuals to pursue their passions, increase their self confidence and build their authentic lives through personal and professional life coaching, creative and entrepreneurial consulting, inspirational speaking, writing, and occasionally, teaching salsa dancing. She is the author of The True You: Tools to Excavate, Explore and Evolve. Her website is and she can be reached at or 502.893.9589.

    Easy Ways to Learn Something New


    Learning new things is one of the great secrets to staying young at heart. Do you remember being a kid, endlessly exploring, turning over every rock, and running headstrong into any situation just so you could see something you’d never seen before? What happened to that kid? She wanted to learn everything she could about everything she could. Likely she’s still in you – and will love all the new, easy ways to learn!

     What are some things that have always fascinated you? Do you enjoy magic? Are you a fan of photography? Have you always wanted to be able to change a flat tire should the need arise? Maybe quantum physics? Learning just one new thing can lead to a whole lot more. Read more

    New Directions

    Have you noticed how life often takes directions we never dreamed of, sometimes taking a twist we never dreamed of? A new phase opens up using what we’ve done in new and exciting way. Or, we try something we’d thought of and simply jumped in and started. Some famous examples of women in their 50’s:

    •  Carol Gardner found herself divorced and deeply in debt at the age of 52. To help her cope with the depression and anxiety in her life, Gardner bought an English bulldog named Zelda to keep her company. One night, Zelda wound up in a bathtub filled with bubble bath. The bubbles formed a long white beard on Zelda’s face, so Gardner put a Santa hat on her, snapped a photo, and entered it in a contest at her local pet store. Zelda was an instant hit, and Gardner formed a company around the lovable pooch called Zelda Wisdom. Zelda’s photos now appear on greeting cards, figurines, and a host of other products – way before facebook!
    • At 52, Dr. Ruth Westheimer became the face of, and spokeswoman for, the joy of sex for people of all ages. Her talk radio show started in New York in the early ‘80s, and her no-nonsense, straight-talking style made her an overnight sensation. A favorite guest on the late night talk show circuit, Ruth is still in demand at the age of 82, though most of her time is taken up producing her show, writing books, and lecturing at prestigious universities.
    • When Julia Child moved to France so her husband could take a post with the State Department, she never imagined that the French cuisine she discovered would change the entire course of her life. In 1961, she and two classmates from Le Cordon Bleu cooking school wrote Mastering the Art of French Cooking; Child was nearly 50. The book became an instant classic, and is now considered one of the most important cookbooks of all time. The book launched Child’s career as the most famous of all television chefs.

    If you get into your head (or heart) to try photography, or take up a dance class, start a travel blog or watercolor class – go for it! You never know where it might lead: to a second career, a new love, or creative expression you dreamed of!

    Ah, Love, Sweet Love

    By Jennifer Blair

    When I got to the heart of what I wanted to share this month, love emerged… not just the universal, spiritual, higher consciousness, greater love for all mankind and the various relationships that make up our world, but truly, deeply, madly romantic love and the criteria needed to sustain a healthy relationship. After all, when it comes down to what people want most in life, isn’t it just to love and be loved?

    So, what is love? How do you know you are in love? And, why do so many people invest so much of themselves in looking for love? In her book Finding True Love, Daphne Rose Kingma defined love as “an experience of great emotional and spiritual awakening to the unbounded bliss that is the true condition of our souls. When we fall in love, we feel no separation between ourselves and the person we love or, for a time, from all others. It is the transcendent, luminous, lovely feeling of love that we desire most dearly, long for most passionately, and are filled by most deeply when it occurs in our lives. Love is a sanctuary for our spirits, a bath of empathy for our emotions, a tranquil meadow in which to nurture our fond hopes and dreams.” Whether you are in a relationship, looking for one or choosing to be alone, love makes us feel good, alive and purposeful.

    It is important to understand some basics to having amorous love, and it includes self-love, loving the other person and loving the relationship itself. Nourish and love yourself first and always be who you are; say what you feel and ask for what you need courageously; cherish your mate unconditionally; continually practice compassion and forgiveness; align your words and actions; treasure your relationship by celebrating, playing, remembering and honoring it;  and show your love by making sure your words and actions match. Finally, practice three vital tools to sustain and grow your love… communicate consistently, co-create it by having a shared vision and deepen it with the affection and passion that exists. Read more

    Make-up 101

    By Sloan Winters

    We all get in STYLE ruts, many of us think the clothes, hair and make-up that looked great on us in our 20’s still looks good on us in our 30’s and 40’s which is not the case. Everything changes over time, and you can have all of the injections and plastic surgeries to try and turn back the clock but if you don’t modify your style and change your approach with hair and make-up, you will look dated no matter how tight your skin looks.

    There are easy cost effective ways to take years off that will make you look fresh and current without looking like you are trying too hard. Starting with make-up – I like a clean, polished look when it comes to daytime make-up. Always go neutral when you want to look fresh.


    Step 1: Earth tones on the eyes – a neutral or “natural” palette will always make you look like you woke up pretty and it will not compete with whatever you are wearing. Neutrals enhance without over doing it – Always a classic look.

    Read more